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Welcome aboard your Wimbi Boats® craft

The design of the Wimbi Boats® of whose hulls benefit from more than 20 years of experience in boatbuilding for coastguards and lifeguards whose requirements are strict, are high-performance to contend with any ocean.

Each model has been the subject of flow calculations when being designed with our 3D software program, and is then tested, on the high seas and in complex weather conditions, by our test pilots so as to observe their behavior amid the waves. And so, during coastal navigation, you will enjoy a great feeling of security. Various navigation aids are available and will supplement your instrument panel.

Depending on which engine you choose, you will be able to reach a top speed of 40 to 50 knots, or make the most of an enjoyable 20 to 30-knot cruising speed. No picture or video will provide you with the true sensation of what piloting a Wimbi Boats® is like. The easiest option is to make an appointment and step aboard a Wimbi Boats® craft.

The Wimbi Boats® range

Wimbi Boats® offers a wide range of models, from the small tender you will use as a dinghy to the large cabin-fitted craft which will enable you to go away for several days with your family.

Discover our models: W6©, W7©, W7i©, W9©, W9i©, W10©, W10i©, W12i© and EXCLUSIVE 2021©.

Comfort aboard your Wimbi Boats® craft

Feeling as safe and comfortable on your boat as you do in your own living room, with the sea in addition, such is one of the experiences Wimbi Boats® provides. Featuring V-shaped hulls that are the result of extensive research and a transom made out of laminated plywood, Wimbi Boats® have been designed to keep your craft highly stable in all sea conditions. This is an appreciable element, for while the pilot remains vertically stable in front of their controls, the comfort and safety of your passengers, young and old alike, is also accounted for in all the other seats. Be it while navigating or mooring, several areas bearing similarities to a proper living room feature comfortable seats, be it in the front area or at the back behind the pilot’s seat. If you have opted for the Wimbi Boats® MUSIC package, you will then enjoy the stereo system fitted throughout your boat, which you will control using Bluetooth technology via your smartphone or tablet.


Your Wimbi Boats® craft is standardly equipped with many fittings and accessories which will ensure your sailing experience and stopovers in various mooring areas become even more pleasant. You will appreciate the awnings available on most models above the cockpit, at the back, and even at the front to protect you from the sun, wind or rain.

Many storage compartments are available on all Wimbi Boats® and thus offer your onboard equipment and passengers invaluable services. Wimbi Boats® also feature a switch to save on battery power, a generator to enable you to recharge your tablets and smartphones, and an electric air pump enabling you to constantly enjoy ideal pressure around your boat’s inflatable ring or to inflate pneumatic toys such as rubber rings or Paddles.

You should also discover all our available options and packages. Your Wimbi Boats® craft includes many finishes which make all the difference. The original idea behind the Wimbi Boats® brand is to offer aboard boats featuring a pneumatic tube, quality deck fittings such as those you find on sailing boats or yachts. Rigid-inflatable Wimbi Boats® are, with the Wimbi Boats® DESK package, all fitted with a large FLEXITEAK® surface, an innovative and pleasant material to walk on, the color of which does not change as the seasons pass, and can be found on the entire foredeck, sides and stern, on the front frame, side gangways as well as on the rear landing stage. To this you may add inbuilt handles on the air pumps, as well as retractable cleats conveniently positioned for you to belay the ropes of your Wimbi Boats® and attach fenders. Wimbi Boats® accommodate stainless steel railings on the front and sides of your structure. These aesthetically-pleasing finishes are the trademark that distinguishes your Wimbi Boats® from other boats.

Plenty of storage facilities

Storage is of paramount importance. Many boxes and compartments are available on a Wimbi Boats® craft. The first thing your passengers will ask you when boarding your Wimbi Boats® craft will be where they can leave their bags? And indeed, what with the safety equipment that must remain on board, children’s water toys and grownups’ recreational gear, luggage or lunch supplies, tablets and smartphones, or professional or fishing equipment, having a lot of room soon becomes vital. And this is fortunate, since one of the primary features Wimbi Boats® offers is many nifty storage facilities, some of which feature watertight compartments and others that are removable. It is even possible, for sailors heading off on a several-day trip with their Wimbi Boats® craft, to fit the engine hold with extra storage trays or a sleeping area.

The Cockpit

Steer your Wimbi Boats® craft uncompromisingly, you are its captain. Wimbi Boats® cockpits are intelligent and spacious to accommodate the pilot and their teammate. Their style is plain and practical so as to leave free spaces on the various panels to welcome special navigation equipment and thus offer a wide range of customization possibilities.

Many navigation aids can therefore be installed, such as nautical charts, a GPS device, an autopilot, a music station and traditional or digital engine meters. You can also customize the colour of your Wimbi Boats® cockpit so that it may match the hull and inflatable dinghy. A large windscreen enabling you to be sheltered from the wind faces the marine compass.

When it comes to accessories, cup holders are installed on the top next to a bar which enables you to safely dispose of your personal belongings. A wide windscreen enabling you to stay sheltered from the wind faces the marine compass and a wide range of helm colors are available. A large waterproof storage compartment is located on the lower part and can easily be reached by the pilot.

Your Wimbi Boats® cockpit shall fully embrace your navigation style.

All you need to know about the engine of your Wimbi Boats®