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Wimbi™ – which means “Wave” in Swahili (a language originating from East Africa, the cradle of humankind) – is a global brand dedicated to ecology, the sea and recreational activities. Its philosophy is guided by the Wimbi Foundation®, which oversees the entire mode of operation of all Wimbi® companies serving the brand.


Welcome to Polynesia, a terrestrial paradise with hundreds of atolls and its still-virgin lands which witnessed the birth of the Wimbi Boats® brand. It aims to offer high-quality boats based on those major themes that are recreational activities and environmental protection.

It is here in the Pacific, in this huge maritime area conducive to water activities, entertainment and easy living that we impart the Oceanian spirit into each of our Wimbi Boats® so that they may sail freely on all the oceans of the world.


Sporting more than 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing of boats for the military market, coastguards and search and rescue interventions for the Asia-Pacific area, the Wimbi Shipyard® building site subcontractors are efficient.  In 2013, in Hong Kong is  launched a new boating department on behalf of the brand with a single assignment: designing boats that make their owners happy and to manage factories and controlled Research and development from Europe, in France.

It was by merging this technical expertise at the service of high-performance boats with a passion for pleasure sailing that the founders – who were passionate about the sea and surrounded by naval architects and engineers who could not find any crafts befitting their mode of sailing – decided to start manufacturing boats on which each navigator would be able to enjoy their own unique model that truly reflects their personality.

Nowadays, Wimbi Boats® is a brand that has received international recognition, is present in several countries and has boats sailing on all oceans of the world. The brand offers many innovations, starting with enabling you, wherever you are in the world, to be directly connected to the manufacturer without having to go through many intermediaries and also have at hand an infinite number of options to customize your boat. You thus save time and money to treat yourself to your Wimbi Boats® craft.

Wimbi Boats® – Which boat shall be yours?

A brand first and foremost revolves around products and services. Take the time to discover our Wimbi Boats®. Featuring a wide range of models, sizes, engines, accessories, options and colors, the Wimbi Boats® brand enables you, with the help of our teams, to build your own boat that truly matches your mode of sailing.

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