An international company



An international company

With global headquarters located in Europe, in France, an engineering consultancy located in United Kingdom, manufacturing and engineering subcontracting sites in Hong Kong, an Ecological Foundation given over to the protection of those oceans that come under Polynesian maritime law, and the establishment of an ambassador network around the world, the Wimbi Boats® group and its companies serve a unique boat brand, a brand which is forward-looking and innovation-driven, focusing on you and your passion for the sea. Welcome to the world of Wimbi Boats®.


Wimbi Shipyard® Limited

Buoyed by 20 years of experience with its partners in the manufacturing of high quality boats dedicated to maritime safety for coastguards and the military, a new “pleasure-boating” department was launched in 2013 with the creation of the Wimbi Boats® brand in order to offer the general public pleasure crafts that benefit from a sound technical and qualitative history.

Wimbi Boats® SAS

It is in France, a country which features exacting legal and financial regulations that the brand decided to set up its head office. Enjoying a stable structure, Wimbi Boats® SAS coordinates and supervises on a global level 100% of the operations that are required for your unit to be built and marketed. This involves research when a new model is being designed, the ordering of raw materials and accessories which are necessary for it to be built, managing the construction sites and their staff, from the administrative, IT, sales and marketing parts to the final delivery of our boats to amateur yachtspeople in every country around the world.

Boat dealers

Wimbi Boats® sets up a local network by selecting dependable partners who have companies established near harbours. The engine’s after-sales service is ensured by serious partners who have long-standing experience and renowned reliability in the nautical sector.

You can also directly exchange and meet a dealer near your sailing area who will ensure, at your side, the maintenance, wintering and after-sales service of your Wimbi Boats®.

Wimbi Boats® throughout the world

Wimbi Boats® Ambassadors exist throughout the world. If your project to purchase a new boat is scheduled to be conducted abroad, we can either organize your project from your country, or else directly in the country where it shall be delivered. We take care of regulations relating to local taxes or ex-Tax payments, as well as your choice of flag. Contact us directly to connect with a local partner.

How is made your Wimbi Boats® ?