Wimbi Boats® engines

The engine is your boat’s focal point. Wimbi Boats® comes together with the world’s greatest engine manufacturers and selects next-generation engines piloted by electronic controls offering great sensitivity control and fast response time.

Our environmental commitment favors engines that are silent and benefit at cruising speed from low fuel consumption, and therefore a longer range.

Depending on what your requirements, habits and navigation priorities are – speed, sport, recreational activity or cruising – we shall help you choose the model which best suits your Wimbi Boats® craft, be it a single engine or twin engine, or one of the inboard or outboard, diesel or petrol variety.

Wimbi Boats® enjoys an alliance with the American Groupe Brunswick Corporation. All of our models come with MerCruiser®/Mercury®  engines, but the brand is perfectly open to all other engine manufacturers

Installing the engines

Your Wimbi Boats® craft will be delivered to you ready to sail. Your boat’s engine will be installed by teams of seasoned engineers and mechanics who will ensure a high quality after-sales service, with 2-year guarantees on inboard models and up to 5 years on outboard models.

*when signing a Peace of Mind Contract which requires an annual overhaul at a certified partner’s.

Of course, you may also decide to order a Wimbi Boats® craft without an engine, which will in this case be delivered ready to have an engine put in.

Which engine should I choose?

This answer depends on where you navigate and what your sailing style is. Using the experience feedback of our navigators, we have managed to define 4 different sailing profiles:

Leisurely outingThis type of engine is the minimum you can possibly arrange for your Wimbi Boats® craft. It enables a very large sailing range. It has been studied to feature all the latest electronic technology for lesser fuel consumption.

For example, on an average 8-knot W9i© featuring a 300-litre fuel tank, you will exceed 40 hours’ navigation with just one full tank.

The “Leisurely outing” configuration is dedicated to those who sail near their base, who go and fish (anchored or centerboard), and whose concerns after buying are what savings they will make on fuel in order to head out to sea as much as possible.

Of course, with this mode, you will still be able to reach highly enjoyable speed levels, higher than 20 knots.
CruisingThis configuration is our most sold. Our “Cruising” engine is best suited for those who sail a whole day and wish to enjoy a long enough range and speed to enable them to change anchorage areas on the same day. This is the ideal compromise between range and speed.

For example, with a W7©, you will effortlessly be able to reach a 25-knot cruising speech which will offer controlled fuel consumption
SportyWelcome to the configuration of exacting navigators who enjoy speed. Our “Sporty” engine is usually offered, be in its inboard or outboard version, with 2 engines and therefore a dual throttle control.

This setup is ideal for those who wish to enjoy their Wimbi Boats® craft for many recreational activities such as deep-sea fishing and towing, using a pylon, water-skiers or rubber rings.

For example, with a “sporty” W10©, it is the road of deep-sea sailing that opens up to you. Imagine being able to cross sea to reach an island in fine weather from the continent in less than few hours, or to travel far away for several days and enjoy many changes of scenery.
RacingWith your Wimbi Boats® craft, the world of racing freely opens itself to you, even when you have no opponents to overtake. This configuration indeed offers the maximum engine power possible which has been studied in accordance with the boat’s weight and the shape of its hull.

With our “Racing” configuration, mainly offered with a Diesel twin engine, you reach unrivalled performance levels which are reserved to those who seek thrills and wish to push their Wimbi Boats® craft to the extreme.
For example, imagine experiencing speed levels higher than 50 knots with your W12©.

We thus offer you the best technical engine configuration for your Wimbi Boats® craft that matches your sailing profile.

We thus offer you the best technical engine configuration for your Wimbi Boats® craft that matches your sailing profile.

Customize your Wimbi Boats® so that it becomes unique