Wimbi Boats® an innovative brand

Innovation is at the heart of our DNA. Wimbi Boats® is constantly innovating by offering new features and improvements thanks to the experience feedback of its sailors: you!

None of our models are frozen in time. Thus, several times a year, because the world is changing fast, we update new features be it regarding the deck fittings or navigation aids. The purpose being to offer you boats which are evermore simple and high-performance and can communicate with your tablet or smartphone.

Innovation yes, but always with one primary rule: to ensure that your sailing experience is the easiest and most pleasant possible so that you may enjoy the times you spend at sea to the full.

Wimbi Boats® constantly offers you practical solutions to make your life on water easier. A heated seat to contend with the cold, climbing effortlessly down into the sea using a long enough bathing ladder, having sufficient storage space to accommodate your bags or even a deck hose at hand to effortlessly clean your Wimbi Boats® craft, such are a few of the hundreds of solutions we have come up with for your future boat.

Research & development

Practically every year since its creation, the Wimbi Boats® brand launches a new model, usually given a preview at the Cannes Yachting Festival in South of France to show its world premieres. This conveys great dynamism and a desire to truly offer a boat which will meet your expectations and budget.

Wimbi Boats® team also work on complex projects such as electric engines with battery charging taking place on the quay and hydrogen energy new sailing experiences with above-water piloting or even hyperspeed with the Wimbi Racing® range.

A timeless design

The Wimbi Boats® brand does not aim to produce an avant-garde design at all costs which in the end will soon go out of fashion. On the contrary, we would rather progressively research – with smooth and rounded shapes that are traditional to the nautical world and respect its maritime codes – lines which are visually accessible and focus on the practical aspect. It is your turn to play on the appearance of your Wimbi Boats® craft by customizing your colors and options.

This enables your Wimbi Boats® unit to endure in the competitive wake of brands and maintain good resale value for many long years, a useful notion when comes the day you wish to sell or trade your boat in.

Why choose a Wimbi Boats® craft?

When comes the time to make a choice, and this is normal, you start comparing with many other brands.

Explore our website, exchange with a navigator-owner, ask us all your questions, and first and foremost come and take a test ride to notice for yourself how a Wimbi Boats® reacts out at sea.

Wimbi Boats® depends on a research centre which is present in other sectors, which provides the company with guaranteed interactions, synergies and continuity.

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