A boat that is the only one of its kind

We are all different yet share a same passion: sailing and the pleasure of the sea. And your boat must perfectly resemble you be it style-wise, but also and most of all in the way you plan to use it. It is to meet your expectations that the Wimbi Boats® brand offers you a unique customization programme where you become your own naval designer.

Not one Wimbi Boats® craft around the world is identical to another. You will never see the same boat alongside you on an Italian beach, unless you decide of your own accord to order twin boats, for each boat is built based on your desires and customized upon placing your order, be it regarding the colors of all the various materials, the choice of engine and many options and accessories that are available.

Only the boat hulls are made in advance so that they may be given the right time to dry, then production individually commences for each order.

Choose the upholstery of your future boat, the wide choice of colors allowing you to personalize it as well as all the accessories and options.

Thus, with all the various configurations that are made possible, it is more than 1000 creative custom possibilities on each model that are made available to you.

Your Wimbi Boats® craft will be the only one of its kind. It will be your boat.

Wimbi Boats®, a great brand for water sports