Building your Wimbi Boats®.

We have selected throughout the world the most high-performance materials and top suppliers in the maritime field boasting numerous patents and innovations. We uphold a policy of openness regarding our entire manufacturing and assembling process. Whenever you order your boat, you receive information and pictures of your unit being built in real time. You are in direct and permanent touch with the builder, this provides you with a feeling of trust and security during the period that stretches from the moment your order your Wimbi Boats® craft until it is delivered to you.

Manufacturing and procurement sites:

Design, naval architecture & research:France
Engine trial & certifications:France
United Kingdom (Until 2020)
Hull, fiberglass & painting:Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Myanmar...
Upholstery & fabrics (Spradling©):Germany, France
Console, leaning post & accessories: Asia
Inflatable dinghies (Hypalon Orca©): France & Hong-Kong
On-board electronics & cockpit:USA, Sweden & the United Kingdom
Deck and cabin interior:
Assembly, engine & control:France, Italie & Spain

Manufacturing stages of your Wimbi Boats® craft

It is more than a hundred or so qualified people throughout the world who shall be taking part in building your boat. Our Wimbi Boats® teams bring together many skills that range from research & engineering development to  craftsmanship, with many parts of your unit being hand-made and hand-assembled, to technical engine assembling and piloting for sea certification trials.

A Wimbi Boats® model does not remain frozen in time since with every new feature available on the market, we instantly and continuously add improvements to our crafts.

We have a quality control tool which, from the moment it is designed on computer, launched and put onto its first sea trial, enables nearly 500 control points to be listed, photographed and recorded within a program. Thus each stage must be validated before the next.

Production delay

Each Wimbi® is the only one of its kind and made to order based on your choice. Our building sites always produces a safety stock of hulls in advance, allowing them to dry for as long as is necessary, then the assembly of your unit begins with your custom colors and options as soon as your order has been received. Delays depending on models vary between 3 and 4 months to which you must add approximately a 4 to 5 week delivery to the dealer’s or the closest logistics base we have near you, then a 2-week preparation for the engine part and sea trial before the keys are handed over to you. Furthermore, with the Wimbi Boats® brand witnessing significant growth with numerous orders coming in from the whole world and the launch of new models every year, we recommend that you order in advance, ideally near the end of the summer season, your future boat. You are thus advised to you plan your purchase and complete your order before the end of the year to serenely receive your Wimbi Boats® craft before the new season begins.

Instant availability?

If you are more in a hurry, you may either check the availability of our second-hand Wimbi Boats® and thus enjoy for a first-time purchase a more attractive price range. You can also choose among our new models in stock, usually available in standard colours (white, grey or black) and with basic fittings, or even decide to rent a Wimbi Boats® craft.

Innovation serving your boat