The finish quality of your Wimbi Boats® craft is our priority.

The fact our economical management system offers a direct relationship between the manufacturing process and the final navigator, with no intermediaries, thus reducing those considerable communication costs and unnecessary outlays within a company, enables us to concentrate the bulk of the price you will be paying on the finish quality of your Wimbi Boats®.

Choosing a Wimbi Boats® craft is all about opting for assured quality.

Sustainable development

Its philosophy, overseen by the Wimbi Foundation®, lends great sensitivity to sustainable development, nature and human well-being, and becomes present through each stage your Wimbi Boats® is being designed. When you buy a Wimbi Boats® craft, a portion of the profits generated will be donated to the Foundation which will be able to act on projects favoring ocean conservation. Whilst treating yourself, you are also supporting the planet.


Be it for your friends, family or yourself, whenever you prepare to set sail, even for a short outing of barely a few hours, safety is a vital element on board.

Wimbi Boats® puts your safety first. This involves the choosing of top quality materials to build your boat and the many quality controls we perform, such as for instance the 3 to 8 separate air compartments which guarantee that the additional buoyancy sustained by the air tubes remains effective even in the event of a puncture.

Often with Wimbi Boats®, our yachtspeople, in deep-sea navigation fashion, cross oceans to reach islands safely.



Wimbi Boats® offers you a 2-year* guarantee on the structure of your boat, as well as 2 years on your inboard engine which can be extended to 5 years on outboard engines within the framework of a yearly maintenance contract with a certified partner.


All of our Wimbi Boats® meet international and EC standards. This standard, to be attributed to a builder, requires that a significant number of technical controls be carried out.

This implies that each of our boats comes with:

  • Its written declaration of conformity (DOC): an official commitment of the Wimbi Boats® brand whereby the boat conforms to regulations.
  • Its owner’s manual: which includes information on the boat, its fittings and how to use them, including the limits of use.
  • Its builder’s plate: this irremovable plaque is attached to the cockpit of your Wimbi Boats® craft. It mentions a serial number, the name of the model, the category of boat design, the boat’s weight and length, and the maximum number of passengers which may be welcomed on board.
  • Its identification number (HIN number): affixed permanently on the hull, on a metal plate on the transom of your Wimbi Boats® craft.



All Wimbi Boats®, even those mostly dedicated to coastal sailing, are classified as suitable for Type B high-sea navigation (Force 8 winds with waves rising up to 8 meters high). Each new model is in fact tested by our Wimbi Boats® test pilots in extreme navigation conditions in order to verify the solidity and stability of all hulls. Never will you need to call on as many security features in terms of buoyancy when using your boat daily.


On a motor-driven craft, the lower part of a boat’s hull requires complex research regarding free-floating and weight. Before a new model is launched, the latter is tested to find out what its maximum engine power is, but also its required minimum engine power. This is the object of an Approval delivered by an audit office based in Europe, enabling the model to be marketed with such and such engine type.

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