A wide range of choices for your future boat

Wimbi Boats® offers you boats of the “inflatable” or “rigid-inflatable” variety, ranging from 3 to 15 meters long (23 to 39 ft) and featuring inboard or outboard engines. The brand offers a wide range of models, from the small tender featuring an electric motor to the large cabin-fitted craft which will enable you to go away for several days with your family.

The high performance of a rigid-inflatable boat

Ever since the first Zodiac® boats were launched in the 1930s, this type of craft, initially the prerogative of military men, has continually evolved to nowadays become proper pleasure boats featuring all the advantages a rigid-inflatable boat specifically offers.

Indeed, the fact that they include a pneumatic tube (filled with air) which surrounds the entire hull, offers this kind of boat buoyancy, stability, weight and an ability to accommodate further passengers and a take on a heavier load than a rigid boat of the same size would. To this we must add the protection fitted all around the boat.

Wimbi Boats® also have the huge advantage of being able to snake in and out and sail as closely as possible to the coastline to the point of beaching themselves on to the shore. Formerly unappealing, the air tubes (referred to in French as fat “boudin” sausages) offer passengers many comfortable positions be it during anchorage or during navigation, and also great safety.

Inflatable crafts are more than ever forward-looking boats, and are increasingly in demand. It is for that reason that many owners of regular rigid-hulled boats take the plunge to buy a rigid-inflatable craft. How about you?

Affordable and scalable boats

The W7© and W7i©, very similar models equipment-wise to the W9© or W9i© but featuring a hull length of 6.89 meters (22.6 ft), are a good compromise since they enable us to offer a very affordable price range. The Wimbi Boats® range is constantly being upgraded; you can even express your desire and we may very well be able to manufacture the boat of your dreams.

The Wimbi Boats® range

Understanding models belonging to the Wimbi Boats® brand is easy; they always consist of the letter “W” as in Wimbi®, followed by a digit matching the boat’s average length and a lower case “i” for inboard models, or an “f” for a range adapted to sport fishing. This is how you will be able to choose between units such as the W6©, ideal for day-long, recreational outings to the W12i©, the brand’s absolute gem which will enable you to go on long cruises.

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You can also customize your Wimbi Boats® craft

Discover the upholstery your future boat will be fitted with, the wide color range which will enable you to customize it, along with all the accessories and options.