Prestige & endurance

Sporting a length of 10.50 meters (34.4 ft) and a completely invisible engine, you will enjoy the advantages of a stable rigid-inflatable craft that has the length and layout of a proper pleasure boat, endowed with a high level of comfort and stability. This model is an upgraded version of the W9i, featuring an additional length of 1.50 meters (4.92 ft).

The lines on the W10i© remain minimalistic with a fine freeboard and large-sized floats, whilst maintaining a pleasant width so that you may easily find a berth at port and maintain great stability in bends. Circulation of passengers on board is made easy thanks to large catwalks.

Luxurious and welcoming, the tip of the W10i© is occupied by a huge U-shaped square which can easily accommodate 8 people for a buffet dinner and drinks. This area occupied by a large center table can turn within a matter of seconds into a huge sun lounge. Two seats at the front of the console complement the area.

The W10i© is equipped with an outstanding bathing platform at the rear, of more than 2 meters long (6.56 ft), which conceals a huge hold for the inboard engine that can be accessed using the hold’s large hatch or an independent hatch featuring a large storage tray.

Regarding engine power, the W10i© starts off with a 350 hp engine and can step up to a proper competition machine with a 565 hp Racing engine.

An LR version (Long Range) can be arranged, featuring a dual fuel tank to reach amazing 400 nautical-mile distances without having to be refilled.

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Available engines

  • 350-hp 6.2 l
  • 430-hp 8.2 l MAG H.O.
  • 520-hp Racing
  • 565-hp Racing

Technical specifications

Length of hull 10.00 m
Overall length 10.50 m
Width 3.22 m
Length of bathing platform 200 cm
Length of rear platform 95 cm
Inflatable materials (tubes) Hypalon© ORCA®
Tube Diameter 55/66 cm
Category B
Number of compartments 6
Maximum number of passengers 22
Weight 2100 kg
Transmission inboard XL or XXL
Authorized engine power from 350 to 700 hp
Fuel tank capacity 400 or 380+120 liters
Water tank capacity 120 liters
Black water tank capacity 40 liters

Standard fittings

White hull / Hypalon pneumatic (choice of colors) / Swimming ladder / anchor platform / bilge pump / navigation lights / compass / switch / Leaning post standard / Stainless steel handrail / switch for battery / Saddlery (complete set of 14 cushions) with choice of colors.

Recorded speed levels

W10i© motorized in 350-hp 34 knots
W10i© motorized in 430-hp 42 knots
W10i© motorized in 520-hp 47 knots
W10i© motorized in 565-hp 51 knots


60-month financing plan of your W10i© 350-hp (contribution of 50%): AUD 1’895/month
Your ready-to-sail W10i© featuring a 350-hp engine: AUD 144’995
W10i© non-motorized (ex works): AUD 99’575




Pack Confort

Hand shower with 120 liter tank / Cigar lighter socket / Roll bar with 2 LEDs / Pilot biminis (awnings) and rear sunbathing / Double control electric windlass / 7.5 kilo stainless steel anchor + 40 m of chain / Console cover & leaning post

AUD 11’190



Choice of the color of the pneumatic tubes  Free
Choice of hull color On demand
Polyester arch including 2 leds AUD 3’550
Complete upholstery (10 cushions) with choice of colors AUD 3’290
Leaning post allowing a refrigerator / sink / deck jet AUD 910
Pilot seat AUD 2’845
Fridge AUD 1’900
Bridge jet AUD 789
Hand shower with 80 L tank AUD 1’400
WimbiTeak pack on the entire deck and rear platform AUD 3’690
Bow (Bimini) with choice of color AUD 2’990
Music pack on board (USB, Bluetooth) with 2 X 120 W speakers AUD 910
Cover for console and leaning post AUD 1’095
Power steering AUD 1’685
Navigation instruments (Depth sounder, GPS, screens …) On demand
Package delivery to your navigation base AUD 5’780-6’690

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