The ideal companion

The W3 is a proper autonomous little tender, ideal for children or to reach your sailing boat or yacht from the coast. With its length of 2.75 m (9ft) and its width of 1.64 m (5.30 ft), it can take up to 4 passengers on board.

The W3 can be motorized with a 5-6 hp engine to reach your boat from the coast or a 12 hp engine to sail further away in search of creeks and even an electric motor.

For better weather resistance, you will be able to choose an inflatable tube made out of Hypalon® rubber, and for a luxurious effect order the WimbiTeak® package to cover the entire deck of your W3.

You will shortly be unable to live without your Wimbi Boats® W3 craft.

W3 Brochure

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Available engines

  • 5-6 hp
  • 12 hp

Technical specifications

Length of hull 1.95 m
Overall length 2.75 m
Width 1.64 m
Inflatable materials (tubes) PVC (Hypalon en option)
Tube Diameter 38/45 cm
Category C
Number of compartments 3
Maximum number of passengers 4
Weight / max weight 50 kg / 500 kg
Transmission HB relevable
Authorized engine power 12 CV
Fuel tank capacity 10-25 litres

Standard fittings

Coque blanche / Pneumatique en PVC (Hypalon en option) /  3 compartiments


Votre W3 (non motorisé) : AUD 2’495*
*Départ usine



Ceinture pneumatique en Hypalon € 1’490
Choix de la couleur de la coque (gris ou noir) € 250
Pack WimbiTeak® sur tout le pont € 990

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