A world of services



A world of services

Nowadays, quality service is as important an element as the products you use. With Wimbi Boats®, you are not merely buying a boat, you are accessing a concept of services which connect with your boat and share precious information with the community of other Wimbi Boats® navigators throughout the world.

When you order your boat, you receive information and pictures of your unit being built in real time.

Do you need a berthing space, to have a repair done or a wintering company to protect your boat before the next season? We already have the trusted partner you need.

If your boats suffers a breakdown and has sustained damage, our insurance service gives you access to 24/7 assistance wherever you are in the world.

Finally, through our network of professional contractors who operate in all marinas and ports of Australia, you benefit from a 5-year after-sales service*. You can thus navigate with full confidence and a clear mind.

*on outboard engines when signing a Peace of Mind clause.


There will always be a Wimbi Boats® Service to satisfy you:

Quote service

Get in touch with us, leisurely discuss your project with us and our team will examine with you the best solution to offer you a boat that truly matches your sailing needs and budget.

Financing Service

Many solutions are made available to you at the time you purchase your boat. You may decide to be helped by a financing plan, a lease purchase option or leasing. We are at your side to help your project come to fruition.

Renting service

You may decide to rent a Wimbi Boats® craft for a few days or a few weeks. Tell us where your sailing base is and we will deliver the model of your choice.

Second-hand Service

Perhaps for a first-time purchase you wish to choose a solution with a second-hand Wimbi Boats® craft. You will thus benefit from attractive pricing and enable another navigator to order a new Wimbi Boats® craft while waiting to do so yourself the following season.

Test ride service

You are charmed by the Wimbi Boats® brand but the time has come to move on to concrete matters; come and pilot one of our models to appreciate their seafaring qualities. Make an appointment to come and take a test ride from one of our bases.

You can also directly get in touch with your local Wimbi Boats® dealer.

Order follow-up service

Because your boat is unique, we will send you a follow-up of your “baby’s” construction, from its gestation to its building. Every fortnight you will receive an email informing you of how your Wimbi Boats® unit is coming along.

Administrative service

Your Wimbi Boats® dealer will assist you with those formalities which are required for your boat and the payment of the motor tax should your boat be subjected to it, as well as the insurance. You will thus be released from all those constraints which require experience with the administration.

Delivery service

Wherever you may be throughout the world, your Wimbi® craft will be delivered as closely to your sailing area as possible, directly on its berthing space or mooring buoy and/or on a trailer (depending on its size). Delivery can also be taken at your dealer’s who will ensure the wintering of your Wimbi Boats® craft.

“Getting started” service

he much awaited day for your Wimbi Boats® craft to be delivered has finally arrived. It has just been launched and is waiting for you. You cannot wait to set sail with your family and friends. Whether you are already a seasoned navigator or whether this is your first boat, each model has its own specific features.

We offer to train you (over the course of approximately one half-day); our pilot-technicians will go over every nook and cranny of your boat with you, then once at sea they will give you a few steering tips and advise you how to conduct useful maneuvers when in port or during anchorage.

Berthing space service (ring attachment)

You will rarely require a berthing space all year round in a port (or a whole season on a mooring buoy). After defining with you your actual periods of use, we will be able to find you a berthing space which will best befit your season of navigation.

After-sales service & Maintenance

A maintenance and after-sales service contract in the event of a breakdown or accident will be drawn up with your Wimbi Boats® dealer. We offer 5-year guarantee solutions on outboard engines falling within the framework of an annual overhaul.

Repair service

Your boat may sustain damages or little accidents throughout its life, and this is normal: a battery or fuse failure, lighting that needs to be changed, rust specks, a small collision on the hull or propeller, an anchor that cannot be hoisted…

Using our network, our trustworthy partner will draw up a free quote to help you undertake these repairs as soon as possible.

Leasing service

To pay off your purchase and even generate profit, you may decide to rent out your Wimbi craft using our insurance-covered network. Define those periods during which you do not use your Wimbi Boats® craft, we will inform you what rent you may expect*.

*10% commission.

Trade-in service

Because you bought a second-hand Wimbi Boats® craft or else wish to upgrade to a larger model, together we can study your unit’s resale value and offer to buy your old Wimbi Boats® craft back.

*Wimbi Boats® only buys back boats of the Wimbi Boats® brand. See detailed terms and conditions.

Wintering service

Depending on what size your Wimbi Boats® craft is, you will be able to conduct this operation directly yourself once it has been hauled out of the water and towed to your home, or entrust a professional with this task, one who will take care of cleaning, guarding, storing your boat as well as conducting all those technical and mechanical checks which are required to extend your boat’s lifespan.

Customization service

If you are a professional, from for instance a rental company or a yacht owner, the name of your company or boat can be added and customized on your Wimbi Boats® craft, in addition to those many differentiation possibilities.

Service for Professionals

If you are a sea professional; police, scientist, search-and-rescue worker, fisherman… or even a diving club, a custom-designed Wimbi Boats® craft can be reviewed to feature equipment that is specific to your profession. Contact us to discuss it.


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