Sport and Leisure



Leisure is life

Recreational activities are the true philosophy underlying the Wimbi Boats® brand. Recreational activities as regards designing your boat and its fittings, Wimbi Boats® are developed for you to be happy to sail alongside those you love, your family and friends, and to have fun at sea or amid the waves for those among you who are more adventurous.

But also recreational activities revolving around your boat so that you may enjoy many water sports as from the time you moor. Large storage compartments shall indeed enable you to effortlessly carry your diving and fishing equipment, surfboards and all inflatable objects and toys you will be able to blow up within minutes thanks to the boat’s inbuilt electric air pump, or even a little Seabob® submarine.

Wimbi Boats® also offers solution to customize your boat regarding your yacht’s color and name, as well as for sea professionals such as rental companies or diving clubs and hotels.

Wimbi Boats® is always there to lend an attentive ear to your specific requests.

Wimbi Boats® is a brand that deeply enjoys water sports and offers you many packages which will be installed by the factory so that you may engage in your favorite discipline as soon as you take delivery of your boat.

Here are a few sports you may engage in with your Wimbi Boats® craft. Tubing, Water-skiing, Wakesurfing, Wakeboarding, Wakeskating, Barefooting, Kitesurfing, Scuba diving, Stand-up Paddling, Canoe-kayaking, Snorkeling, Seabobbing…



You may even plan a SPORTS PACKAGE when designing your Wimbi Boats® craft, one specific to your favorite recreational activity. Here are a few available:

The Wimbi Boats® SPORTS Package in order to enjoy a pylon which will enable you to tug rubber rings, skis, wakes or boards as well as a rear-view mirror.


The Wimbi Boats®, FISHING Package is dedicated to fishing addicts and features special equipment for sailing and setting up your rods.


The Wimbi Boats® DIVE Package is adapted for diving clubs and enables dive bottles, a dock and a winch to be fitted.

Wimbi Boats®, a world of endless recreational activities opens up to you and your passengers.

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