Upholstery: a second skin for your boat.

Choose the colors and finishes of the cushions aboard your Wimbi Boats® craft.

Forming the absolute skin of your Wimbi Boats® craft, upholstery constitutes a very important part of your boat. For design purposes as well as your comfort, we have attached great importance to all the cushions enveloping your boat. Each unit is equipped with a large number of them to ensure pilot and passenger comfort; quarterdeck; front, right and left backrest, foredeck, right, left and central part, front and rear seatback, pilot seatback, lounge backrest and seat and quarterdeck mattress.

Thanks to a simple securing system, you will easily be able to remove all your upholstery in order to protect it and extend its lifespan. You have access to a very wide range of colors and finishes.

With the Wimbi Boats® TWIN CUSHIONS Package, you will even be able to allow for a second set of cushions matching the main color of your Wimbi Boats® craft, and in merely 10 minutes, switch all or a number of cushions around to feel as though you have a new boat at your disposal.

Wimbi Boats® offers you a wide choice of finishes and colors. You may even envision building a two-tone boat in order to give it a unique touch. It is you who creates the true artistic signature of your Wimbi Boats® craft.

The covers on your Wimbi Boats® cushions are entirely removable and equipped at the back with a navy zip fastener.

The lining of your cushions includes a naturally bioecological defense thanks to silver ions which are incorporated into their fabric and help prevent the development of bacteria, germs and mold which can easily be spotted at sea, and thus prevent smells from permeating and stains from forming.

Advantages your Wimbi Boats® upholstery offers:

  • Resistance to low temperatures
  • Protection against microorganisms
  • Scratch resistance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Fire-retardant properties, chemical resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Waterproof protection
  • Light resistance (UVs / Sun)
  • High stain resistance


The protective lining on your Wimbi Boats® upholstery makes its maintenance easy. The trickiest of stains are removed effortlessly using a dry cloth and stubborn stains can be removed using one of our products. The marine fabrics that are selected for your Wimbi Boats® craft also guarantee resistance to scratches, friction and abrasion. No vinyl can claim to offer such stain resistance and such a long lifespan.



At the end of each season, we recommend you store all your cushions away to further extend their lifespan.

Discover our wide choice of colours which will enable you to customize your Wimbi Boats® craft, as well as all our accessories and options.