The new generation of RIB


Welcome aboard the new generation W9 II ©.

It has already been 7 years since the first model of the french brand dedicated to yachting was launched, the famous W9 ©, we were then in 2013.

Five years of listening to boaters and professionals in the sector to constantly improve the model and its options. 5 years was the right time to question yourself and launch a new model, the successor to the W9 © (which is still available for sale).

The W9 II © was born! A sporty, high-tech semi-rigid with a size and a motorization allowing to go much further than you can imagine.

Discover the W9 II© :

Before reading the many innovations of the W9 II ©, simply take a look at it while sailing:

The innovations


The Hull

With a few centimeters of gain to reach 8.86 m, this new hull benefited from studies of calculation of the flows and underwent some modifications of structure at the level of 2 strakes to refine the line of curve on the bow in order to improve the gyroscopic stability and to move the center of gravity slightly more forward, thus giving more weight in the front part.

Front steel reinforcement

This new feature visible in stainless steel on the nose is in fact mainly dedicated to allow the traction of the W9 II © by yachts or in case of breakdown to be towed. This contributes to the front end to give it a more harmonious line.

This principle integrated into the hull allows a large unit to tow the W9 II © at more than 25 knots, even in heavy seas without fear of damage to its structure. This also allows ballast in the front part. 2 towing rings are available on either side of the hull.

A more attacking design

The W9 © with its usual « curves » has benefited from a new design to give the W9 II © straighter and more marked lines.

The W9 II © has kept the parts that made its success, namely to always offer a saloon with a front saloon and a large rear deck, and even a possibility of a sleeping cabin in the aft hold.

A tighter rear platform

Offered in a single-engine version with a wide range of engines ranging from 350 HP to 500 HP, the rear bracket (the platform surrounding the engine) has been redesigned to provide even more space.

There is plenty of room on board to rest your legs in the water and enjoy as close as possible to the sea. The integrated swim ladder has 2 very practical stainless steel handrails for getting back up dry.

A hard roof

Important novelty which gives the W9 II © a more protective design, it now has a real « hard » cap protecting you from the sun and bad weather.

On the exterior side, it also allows navigation systems such as radio and VHF antennas, radar or directional projectors to be attached to its roof, and the interior side to integrate VHF controls, music or additional speakers

This « cap » is topped with 2 ultra thin blades.

And as always, the arms and the cap are fully customizable in color.

A comfortable leaning post

Comprising 2 sports seats with folding base allowing the pilot and his passenger to stand in a seated or standing position. At the rear, it has an optional shelf for brunching in the semi-circular lounge as well as a refrigerator accessible through an opening on the top.

A very design console

Completely redesigned the cockpit of the W9 II © thus offers a whole new face. This console offers more visibility to the pilot with a plexiglass molded in convex shape around its entire periphery.

2 wide planes allowing the choice of the freedom to integrate the cockpit and the instruments of their choice and Finally stainless steel bars ensure safety for the passenger who can stand.

It consists of two wide planes allowing each boater to customize his cockpit according to the navigation instruments of your choice, a stainless steel structure to hold the cap, a footrest, a storage hatch, two round stainless steel portholes with possible opening on each side. Finally, stainless steel safety handles allow the passenger to stand safely during navigation.

The front part includes a molded lift-up seat concealing a door giving access to a large re-engagement space and / or toilet and shower.

A very deep « V » hull

Recognized as having one of the best stability in the world, the hulls of Wimbi Boats® allow you to navigate in all seas and literally cut the wave, you are guaranteed for your family to be always safe in boating mode and if the time was quickly changing to return safely to port. Safety must be a decisive factor in choosing your boat.

Toilets and shower on board

Ingeniously hidden inside the console, the front seat is raised thanks to 2 hydraulic jacks to give access to a space where you can stand up (178 cm). Access is via a small step and the options offered offer teak on the ground, a chemical toilet or a marine toilet with in this case an electronic counter, a macerator and a reserve of black water of 80 liters, all connected. to the fresh water reserve, and even a shower with its drain on the floor.

This feature gives you the possibility to go several days at sea or for half-season uses when you no longer want to swim.

A front and rear awning with removable carbon masts

Long awaited, the W9 II © now offers thanks to 2 removable carbon masts positioned in 2 reserves located at the front, a micro-fiber rate protecting from the heat which is clipped by 2 shackles on the 2 masts and on the cap with snaps.

So at anchor, in a few seconds you install this protective cover and can enjoy the front lounge for lunch, well protected from the hot weather. The same system is available in the aft section.

Brochure W9 II©

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Available engines

Wimbi Boats® associates the launch of the W9 II © with a whole new generation of 6 and 8 stroke engines, more efficient and more economical and always customizable according to the color of the semi-rigid. Their color can be matched to your entire unit to create a truly unique look in the world.

Available in single-engine or twin-engine:

  • 350 hp
  • 400 hp
  • 450 hp or 2 x 250 hp
  • 500 hp

Technical specifications

Length of hull 8.80 m
Overall length 9.20 m
Width 3.16 m
Length of bathing platform 160 cm
Length of rear platform 95 cm
Inflatable materials (tubes) Hypalon© ORCA®
Tube Diameter 52/64 cm
Category B
Number of compartments 6
Maximum number of passengers 18
Weight 1800 kg
Transmission OB XL or XXL
Authorized engine power from 300 to 600 hp
Fuel tank capacity 350 or 350+100 liters
Water tank capacity 120 liters
Black water tank capacity 40 liters

Equipement standard

Your W9 II © already includes many basic equipment;

  • White hull with its deck, High quality Hypalon® pneumatic tire with Rubbers all around its periphery with 6 independent compartments,
  • A swim ladder on the rear platform with 2 handrails in stainless steel,
  • Anchor with its chain,
  • 2 bilge pumps Port and starboard navigation lights
  • A navigation compass on the cockpit
  • An electronic switch panel to control the equipment
  • A standard post leaning
  • A stainless steel handrail for the forward saloon
  • A switch for the battery Saddlery (set complete with cushions)
  • The choice (5) of colors to personalize your Wimbi Boats;
  • the structure, tires, upholstery and brand logos.

Recorded speeds *

W9 II©  motorized in 350 hp 42 knots
W9 II©  motorized in 400 hp 45 knots
W9 II©  motorized in 450 hp in study
W9 II©  motorized in 2 x 225 hp 50 knots
W9 II©  motorized in 500 hp in study
*These speeds are averages, they depend on the weight on board (fuel, water, passengers, equipment) of the submarine / antifouling on the hull, and the sea conditions at the time of the tests.


The W9 II © is available as standard in 5 colors; white, black, gray, beige and red, and as always on request in an unlimited number of colors.


The W9 II © can be fully customizable thanks to the covering pack with 4 different designs including the « CAMOUFLAGE » (shown in the photos of the model). This covering is resistant and can easily be repaired and modified over time. This is affixed to the engine cover, the lower sides of the hoops, the top of the cap, part of the underside, the cockpit on the front face and the sides as well as the front part of the console.



Funding over 60 months with a 50% contribution with a 300 hp: AUD 1’615/month
Your W9 II© ready to sail with a 300 hp engine: AUD 139’885*
W9 II© non-motorized (ex works): AUD 96’816*




Pack Confort

Hand shower with 120 liter tank / Cigar lighter socket / Roll bar with 2 LEDs / Pilot biminis (awnings) and rear sunbathing / Double control electric windlass / 7.5 kilo stainless steel anchor + 40 m of chain / Console cover & leaning post


AUD 14’190



Choice of the color of the pneumatic tubes  Free
Choice of hull color On demand
Polyester arch including 2 leds AUD 3’550
Complete upholstery (10 cushions) with choice of colors AUD 3’290
Leaning post allowing a refrigerator / sink / deck jet AUD 910
Pilot seat AUD 2’845
Fridge AUD 1’900
Bridge jet AUD 789
Hand shower with 80 L tank AUD 1’400
WimbiTeak pack on the entire deck and rear platform AUD 3’690
Bow (Bimini) with choice of color AUD 2’990
Music pack on board (USB, Bluetooth) with 2 X 120 W speakers AUD 910
Cover for console and leaning post AUD 1’095
Power steering AUD 1’685
Navigation instruments (Depth sounder, GPS, screens …) On demand
Package delivery to your navigation base AUD 1’780-2’690


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